Environmental Education

Educating future and current generations the importance of recycling and reuse is an imperative component of our environmental mission. We offer in-school educational classes for k-12 students, off-site outreach events as well as in-store tours.

K-12 in-school education

Our free, in-school environmental education lessons use hands-on activities, literature and art to generate discussions and critical thinking about creative reuse and recycling. They are designed by our Environmental Education Coordinator, a certified teacher with years of classroom experience, from pre-K to high school. All lessons can be adapted to a teacher’s specific classroom needs and are GLE aligned.

The Green Project was one of the founders of the New Orleans Environmental Education Collaborative (NOEEC) which puts out an annual reference guide of regional environmental educators and organizations. This guide is designed for teachers looking for speakers, lessons and field trips to complement their curriculum. We encourage educators to explore the amazing environmental resources our city harbors by taking a look at this guide.

If you are interested in having the Green Project come to your classroom, send us an email here!

Off-site Outreach

Our community outreach comes in many forms but generally involves collaborating with local events like the Crescent City Farmer’s Market and setting up tables that get the community to interact with recycled materials through free, creative projects. Our engaging outreach can take the form of recycling trivia games, using our recycled paints to spruce up some old fabrics and other small salvage, and many many more.

Our interactive approach to environmental outreach gets people thinking and reusing recycled materials. If you would like to have the Green Project table at your event, send us an email here!

In-house Tours

We do a lot of work behind the scenes inside of the Green Project warehouse that most people don’t know about. We are constantly sorting and processing donated materials, recycling donated paints and disposing of unusable materials. We also have a second story that we are developing into a usable event space.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a short educational tour showing you what we do, how we do it and how you can help. Email us here to let us know that you’re interested in seeing The Green Project behind the scenes.