Marais Street Merger

The Green Project and The Preservation Resource Center merge salvage stores and education programs to embody revitalization

By: Kevin O’Sullivan

The corner of Marais and Press streets is known city-wide as the hot spot for rebuilding materials. From sinks to historic windows and doors to salvaged paint, the PRC Preservation Salvage Store and its next door neighbor The Green Project have long had bragging rights as the shops to visit for renovators looking for just their right piece. The Green Project and the Preservation Resource Center jointly purchased the property, which had formerly been a water bottling warehouse for the Ozone Spring Water Company, in the early 2000s, and divided the two warehouses between themselves.  Since, the two have operated side-by-side, separated only by a small chain link fence.

That fence is soon to be lifted, so to speak, as PRC and the Green Project join forces. PRC’s Salvage Store will soon be operated by The Green Project.

The Green Project’s building material warehouse is well known for selling salvaged building materials for home repairs, beautification efforts or craft projects, but their mission is larger. Since 1994, they have promoted a culture of creative reuse and the diversion of usable and toxic materials from landfills and Louisiana’s fragile marine ecosystems by recycling discarded paint and reselling usable building materials. Today, The Green Project reclaims approximately 6 tons of materials a day and keeps over 40,000 gallons of hazardous paints from Louisiana bayous, wetlands, lakes, and rivers each year — all in an effort to preserve the integrity and beauty of New Orleans and to demonstrate the positive impact of community reuse.

The high-quality and historic building materials and furniture pieces that customers of PRC’s Salvage Store have grown accustomed to finding will still be available, and indeed more plentiful as PRC officially joins forces with The Green Project. Since PRC champions the importance of preservation, restoration and revitalization of New Orleans’ architecture and neighborhoods, it is proud to join forces with this neighboring nonprofit to continue to protect the city we call home.

Preservation means not only building green but also spreading a green culture; that’s why PRC and The Green Project are completely redesigning and conjoining stores to provide even more affordable construction materials and architectural pieces. The Green Project will also be partnering with PRC’s Education and Outreach Program to provide more hands-on trainings to empower homeowners to complete their own rehabs or repairs as well as funky creative reuse projects.

Those who wish to still donate items to the Salvage Store to benefit PRC absolutely still can: sales of PRC’s items will be made on consignment, with proceeds benefitting the nonprofit.

With The Green Project’s goal to protect the local environment through its reuse and recycling programs and PRC’s mission to improve the quality of life of local, low-income homeowners through their rebuilding program the two organizations merging will only extend the reach of their positive impact on the preservation and restoration of New Orleans.

Come visit the new and improved store at 2831 Marais Street, Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or call 504.945.0240 for more information.