Our Story

You may know The Green Project by our building material warehouse, selling salvaged building materials for home repairs, beautification efforts or craft projects, but that’s just the tip of The Green Project iceberg.


As a New Orleans based nonprofit, our mission is to promote a culture of creative reuse and the diversion of usable and toxic materials from landfills and fragile marine ecosystems.

Our approach to this effort is multi-pronged and began with a simple idea in 1994 — almost everyone has a partial can of paint at home that they either don’t know what to do with or will inevitably throw away, or even worse dump down the drain!


The Green Project is the first and only paint recycling facility in the Gulf South. The effort later expanded to include building materials of nearly every type. Today, we reclaim approximately 6 tons of materials a day and keep over 40,000 gallons of hazardous paints from our bayous, wetlands, lakes, and rivers each year.

In addition to our in-store recycling efforts, we also run several education programs in schools and at events where we blend hands-on activities and outreach in the greater New Orleans area in an effort to encourage good stewardship practices and the virtues of the mindful use and creative reuse of resources.

Our Vision

Our goal is to become more than the place to drop off your paint or find a good deal on construction materials. We strive to provide a comprehensive approach to change the way we view and handle our leftover materials and rethink what waste is. We plan to achieve this with a multi prong approach:

The first is to add an educational component to our store so you are learning something new while you are hunting for a new front door. We want to ensure everyone knows where you can safely dispose of light bulbs or tires to prevent dumping on empty lots and to reduce litter.

With a new partnership, we are expectin

g to launch a tool lending library so do-it-yourselfers are able to complete more projects, providing an alternative to buying new products that will only be used once or twice.

More comprehensive workshops will be created to help customers get inspired and empowered with creative reuse. Have you seen a photo of a pallet bookcase you want to make? We want to be the one-stop shop to make that happen with combined workshops, materials, tools, and enthusiasm to help you get there.

We are taking our Green project to the next level in partnership with municipalities in New Orleans and our surrounding parishes, other environmental nonprofits, and of course our amazing customers and supporters! We want to hear from you! Please let us know what you would like to see at The Green Project and for recycling in the greater New Orleans area.

We strive to keep growing so that we can continue to positively influence and educate New Orleanians in an effort to make our city a leading example of the community and environmental benefits of recycling and reuse.