Our Supporters

The Green Project is incredibly grateful to the organizations and individuals who contribute to our work through in-kind support, financial grants, volunteers, and pro bono services. Their generosity supports our work and has allowed us to serve New Orleans since 1994.

River Parish, Sherwin Williams, Dash Lumber, Tulane University, New Orleans Sanitation Department, Xavier University, Break a Difference, Keep Louisiana Beautiful, Greater New Orleans Foundation, Red Dress Run, Concordia Architecture,  Ben and Elaine Haney, Jonathan and Marjorie Wallick, David Kurtz, RosaMary Foundation and Edward Wisner Foundation, Rosenthal and Jacobs Foundation)


Our Board of Directors dedicate their time, resources, and talents to The Green Project in a volunteer role to govern our organization. Board members serve after being selected by the Nominating Committee and then elected by the membership. We are extremely thankful for their passion and service to our organization.

Ben Haney – President

Daniel Weiner – Vice President

Jonathan Wallick – Secretary

Thom Smith

Karen Babin

Kristin Schorp

Carrie Tournillon

Nomita Gupta

Carla Adams

Julian Mutter


And of course, much of our success comes from our wonderful community that donates materials, shops with us, attends our events, and spreads our mission!