Over 700 individuals volunteer at The Green Project every year. Some come for one day as part of a group, others live just around the corner and help out for a few hours every week. As a community nonprofit, we are dependent upon the time and energy of our volunteers, and they have helped us achieve our environmental mission since 1994. Want to give us a hand? Below are some ways you can help:

Warehouse and Lumberyard

Every day, we save 6 tons of materials from landfills, and we could never do this without the help of volunteers. Volunteers here help deconstruct, measure and organize architectural salvage so we can put it back in use.

Paint Recycling Center

Help us maintain and sort donated paint so that we can create our 100% recycled paint for sale in-store as well as process waste paint so that it can be properly disposed of. This prevents hazardous waste from leaching into our waterways and creates an affordable resource for home and neighborhood beautification.

Outreach Events and Paint Collections

Attend community events around New Orleans as a Green Project Outreach Representative to raise awareness about our organization. We also have paint drop-off events around the city, which our Outreach Representatives help with every month.


Like all nonprofits, there is a lot of the “behind the scenes” work to be done. Volunteers assist in data entry, mailings, and other office work – the glue that keeps us together.

*All volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes, dress for the weather in clothes that can get dirty, and bring their own refillable water bottle! We try not to have disposables on hand and hydration is important! We also welcome adjudicated community service volunteers.*

Ready to Volunteer?